Lone MicGmixing will take care of all your technical sound needs for music and/or stage at your next event. Our goal is to make sure that the manipulation of both musical and speech sounds meet both creative and practical standards of quality.

Audio Needs

  • Handheld wired microphone(s) with stand
  • Cordless microphone(s) with stand
  • Small systems consisting of either an 8 or 16 channel console with a combination of either 2 or 4 speakers either on stands or on the ground.
  • Midsize systems consisting of similar equipment as the small system but with the capability of monitoring and added sub woofers.
  • Large systems include a full house bi-amp system with sub woofers and consoles from 24 channels and up including full individual on-stage monitoring systems.

If you’re interested in working with Gmixing for your next event, please complete and submit the Gmixing Sound Request Form and email it to:

If you have any other questions about this request and/or prices, or maybe you have a more complicated sound configuration, email

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